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Type   university
City   wuxi Province  Jiangsu  
Contact Person   CCESL
Tel No.    0086-592-5934105 Fax No.   0086-592-5934105  
E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   yes
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   20-55  
Vacancy   2   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty     Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   Native English speaker,such as British, Canadian, American, Australian, New Zealander and European,etc.  
Other Statements   we are looking for 2 Business TEACHERS to teach Business,or finance courses , teachers who want to apply for this job must have related teaching experience and Master degree in business administration, or Finance(for business positions)

Successful recommendation: Mark Bradley,John Gunning,Nicholas Joseph Mojzesz ,John Gittins,Paul Edward Bates,Philip Curran
Contract Terms
Salary  6000~9500 RMB   Time to teach  1year  
Start Date  Sep.2016   Finish Date    
Period/week  18 Period/W   Course  oral English,business english  
Students' age  university students,the age is about 18-24   Paid Holiday  1 months/year  
Apartment  free and nice,well-furnished  
International Airfare  international roundtrip   Medical
 free medical insurrance  
Telephone Allowance     Traveling Allowance  2200 RMB/Year  
 ESL  teachers  Salary/M:  
BA  RMB6000/M ;  
MA RMB6500/M;
Dr RMB7500/M.

Business english/Law/Finance/Hotel Management teacher with Masters degree or above   Salary/M:  
Brief Introdution


This University, situated in the beautiful city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, is one of China’s national key “211 Project” universities and functions directly under China’s Ministry of Education. The newly completed university campus covers 208 hectares with floor space of 1 million M2. It is located by Lake Tai, a national scenic resort in the south of Wuxi. It was designed and built to demonstrate the concept of an “Eco-campus”, landscaped with beautiful greens, elegant gardens, unique bridges and tranquil streams. This picturesque campus, with its state-of-the-art facilities, provides the perfect setting for scholarship, research, innovation, and academic achievement.

Reputed as the “Pearl of China’s Light Industry Higher Education”, This University’s roots stretch back to 1902 when its predecessor, San Jiang Normal School, began its first term. More than a hundred years of development and fifty years of independent education, has brought This University recognition in scientific research, teaching quality and social service from all levels of society. It is a comprehensive university, recognized and highly respected both at home and abroad.

This University consists of 17 schools and 63 undergraduate programs with disciplines including engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine, agriculture and education. It has about 20,000 full-time undergraduates and over 9,000 part-time students receiving continuing education. In July 2000, China’s Ministry of Education gave approval for This University to start a pilot project for modern distance education. Now the School of Online Education has over 16,000 students. In addition, This University is engaging in Chinese-foreign cooperation by hosting the School of International Education and Lambton College.

This University has 4 Post-doctoral Research Stations in the fields of Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, and Textile Engineering. It is entitled to confer master degrees in 60 programs, and doctoral degrees in 21 programs. Currently there are 5,500 doctoral and master candidates studying on campus. This University boasts 1 National First-Level Key Discipline, 4 National Second-Level Key Disciplines, 1 Provincial First-Level Key Discipline and 8 Provincial Second-Level Key Disciplines. Food Science and Engineering, and Light Industry Technology and Engineering at This University ranked first, and Textile Science and Engineering ranked second according to the 2009 National First-level Discipline Assessment carried out by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre in the Ministry of Education.

In recent years, This University has won 7 National Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards, 25 Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievement Awards and has had 4 Provincial Teaching Masters and 1 Provincial Outstanding Teaching Team. It has also established 5 Characteristic Specialties, 7 National Quality Courses, 23 Provincial Quality Courses, and developed 5 National Quality Textbooks, 9 Provincial Quality Textbooks, and 3 National Bilingual Model Courses. It was approved to establish 4 Innovative Trial Pilots for Personnel Training1 Provincial Innovation Experimental Base of Personnel Training, and 5 Provincial Demonstration Centers of Experiment Teaching. It also has the National Base for Training Qualified Personnel in Life Science and the National Cultural Quality Education Base for University Students. In 2008, one of its doctorial dissertations was ranked among China’s 100 Excellent Doctorial Dissertations.
The faculty team consists of 1,582 members including 1 academician of the China Academy of Engineering, 6 Cheung Kong Scholars, 1 National Outstanding Youth Foundation Winner, 3 state-level candidates for the One Hundred plus One Thousand plus Ten Thousand Talents Project of the New Century, 3 National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, 23 candidates for the New Century Excellent Researcher Award Program from the Ministry of Education of China and over 850 professors and associate professors. There are also two National Innovation Teams, and Four Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Teams. The academic research group, represented by over 550 Master and PhD supervisors, has laid a solid foundation for scientific innovation and the training of high-level personnel.

This University is the cradle, and one of the major supporting institutions, of China's light industry, food science and biotechnology. The National Key Lab of Food Science and Technology, approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology, is the only one of its kind in China. In addition, it has 6 national, ministerial or provincial engineering research centers, 7 key labs at the ministerial or provincial level, the Food Safety Research Base of Jiangsu Province, the Scientific and Technological Novelty Search Workstation of Ministry of Education, the Industrial Microbial Resources Database Integration and Information Sharing Platform and 2,186,600 books and 11264GB electronic books. Since the implementation of China’s 10th Five-Year Plan, This University has undertaken over 1000 national, provincial or ministerial projects including “863 Projects”, “973 Projects”, National Key Special Projects, National Key Scientific and Technological Projects, and the National Natural Science Fund. It has received 200 national, ministerial or provincial awards including 5 National Technology Invention and S & T Progress 2nd Prize Awards. Its faculty members have published over 1000 academic monographs and more than 17,000 high-quality research papers. In 2009, its total research budget reached 222.9 million yuan RMB. Among them 923 were SCI, EI or ISTP indexed. In 2009, research works resulted in 1413 patent applications, including 370 patents for inventions. More than 365 patents were granted, including 114 patents for inventions. The number of patent applications and granted patents is the highest among Chinese institutions of higher learning.

This University takes an active part in the construction of national and regional scientific and technological innovation and service systems and promotes the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. It actively participates in China’s large-scale development of the western region and Jiangsu Province’s economic construction along the Yangtze River. This gives full play to its scientific and technological strength in light industry, food science, textiles, environment, chemical industry and biopharmaceuticals. By closely integrating social demands, This University carries out overall cooperation with enterprises in research and development, technical services and personnel training and helps the enterprises to improve technology and upgrade products. It has carried out all-round cooperation with over 20 cities in provinces like Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Guizhou, Gansu, Henan, making positive contributions to the national economic and social development. The National University Science Park, jointly-funded by This University and Wuxi Municipal Government, is an important incubation base for high-tech research programs. Through resource integration and cross-disciplinary research, This University has established the first Research Institute for Agriculture Products Processing in a Chinese university.



The Sample Contract

 1. English Teaching Positions Available

A. Job Description

EFL (10 vacancies)

* Subjects:
EFL (English as a Foreign Language)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period) 
* Average Class Size: 25

EAP300/ESP200 (4 vacancies)

* Subjects: 
EAP300 English for Academic Purposes(for the 1st half semester)
ESP200 Business English (for the 2nd half semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period) 

ENG211/ENG312 (3 vacancies)

* Subjects: 
ENG211  Communications II   (for the 1st half semester)
ENG312 Written Business Communication (for the 2nd half semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/ period) )

EAP300 (1 vacancy)

* Subjects: 
EAP300  English for Academic Purposes  
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/ period) )

ENG3200 (2 vacancies)

* Subjects: 
ENG3200 Report Writing 
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/ period) )

B.Requirements for the above English teaching positions

* Native English speakers
* Bachelor degree or above
* A minimum of two-year teaching experience 
* Teaching qualifications (TESOL or TEFL) 
* Sound understanding of modern language teaching methodology
* Excellent communication and organizational skills
* A high degree of professionalism
* A high degree of enthusiasm for quality education

C. Monthly Salary for the above English teaching positions

* Monthly Salary:RMB 6, 000-RMB 7,500(varies with the highest academic degree obtained)

2. Business Teaching Positions

A.Job Description

Business Position 1 (two vacancies)

* Subjects:
MAN103 Operations Management(for the 1st half semester)
PSY102 Interpersonal Communication(for the 2nd half semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

Business Position 2 (one vacancy)

* Subjects:
MAN103 Operations Management(for the 1st half semester)
PSY102 Interpersonal Communication(for the 2nd half semester)
FIN111 Taxation I (for the whole semester) 
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

Business Position 3 (one vacancy)

* Subjects:
MGT3700 Practice of Management & Leadership
FIN 3600 Real Estate Analysis
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

Business Position 4 (one vacancies)

* Subjects:
HRM 4500 Current Issues in the Hospitality Industry
FDN 3100 Career Development (for the 1st half semester)
HAT307 Resorts & Gaming (for the 1st half semester)
PHL120 Ethics & Value (for the 2nd half semester)
MKT343 Marketing Management (for the 2nd half semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

Business Position 5 (one vacancy)

* Subjects:
MGT 4030 International Management
INT300 International Finance
MKT340 Selling (for the 1st half semester)
MKT311 Retailing (for the 2nd half semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

Business Position 6 (one vacancy)

* Subjects:
BUS1103 Global Business Principles (for the 1st half semester)
BUS1013 Ethics & Critical Decision Making (for the 2nd half semester) 
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

Business Position 7 (one vacancy)

* Subjects:
HIS 2100 Foundations of Modern World I (for the 1st half semester)
HIS 2150 Foundations of Modern World II(for the 2nd half semester)
MKT331 Sales Promotion & PR (for the whole semester)
* Teaching hours per week: 18 periods (45 minutes/period)

B.Requirements for the above business teaching positions

* Native English speakers
* Master degree or above in related majors
* A minimum of two-year related teaching experience 
* Sound understanding of modern business teaching methodology
* Excellent communication and organizational skills
* A high degree of professionalism
* A high degree of enthusiasm for quality education

C. Monthly Salary for the above Business positions:

* Monthly Salary: RMB8, 500

3. The following information is applicable to ALL teaching positions.

A. Benefit Package

* Reimbursement of Round-trip International Airfare (Economy Class) EACH SEMESTER based on tickets and boarding passes
* Airport pick-up (Shanghai Airport)
* All Visa costs will be reimbursed based on receipts upon your arrival
* Residency permits and working permits will be processed by the school
* Free Accommodation provided in an excellent apartment on campus
(Including bedroom, living room, washroom, well-furnished kitchen Telephone, Computer with free access to internet, Cable TV, Washing machine, Air-conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave oven, Sofa)
* Free Access to the Gym at the International Teachers’ Residence
* A subsidy of 300rmb per month for water & electricity 
* Travel Bonus: RMB ¥1,100 each semester (at the end of the contract)
* Free Transportation from the School to Shanghai Airport at the end of contract if needed

B. All applications need include the following documents in their applications.

1. a photo-page scan of valid passport 
2. a degree scan
3. a MAXIMUM two-page resume
4. a letter of reference with e-mail contact
5. a phone number where you can be reached

Tel: 0086-592-5934105      Fax: 0086-592-5934105
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