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CCESL Agency is located on the beautiful  Xiamen Island,Southeast of Fujian province,China.

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 Comments from some of the foreign teachers CCESL Team successfully placed in China:


Tatiana from Russia:In 2013 Cici helped me to find my current position of a Russian teacher in Anhui Foreign Languages University. She was very helpful and knowledgeable, all the information she'd provided me with was absolutely true and I found no surprises after having arrived on the spot. I especially liked the fact that Cici was very punctual and fast: I made many enquiries and asked for extra details and photos, and she always responded within one day. Moreover, she demonstrated extremely high responsibility. For example, she continued to check on me even after I got the visa and bought the tickets until my arrival to make sure that everything was ok.At the moment I'm looking for another job position and I asked Cici to help. Within a couple of days she sent me a very decent offer and I hope to find another job with her help. I highly recommend Cici as a very reliable recruiter and hope she will get her promotion as deserved.

 Ryan Mc Auley:My name is Ryan Mc Auley and I was a Teacher in China for two years. Last year Cici Lee helped me find my a teaching position in Qingdao. I though she was very professional and straight forward. She was persistent in finding the right job for me. Her communication skills are also excellent. Out off all the the recruiters I have dealt with, she was definitely the best.

 Jacqueline James:You were professional, efficient, honest, competent and personable. You were the best of all the recruiters.

 Kamila Leszczynska:I'd like to recommend Cici for the position of the Head of Recruitment. I'm one of the foreign teachers working for English Village in Yuncheng, ShanXi province. Cici was my first point of contact before I got the job. She was very helpful and extremely informative. I had never been to China before so I had many questions, to which she always answered fully and comprehensively. She made the whole transition process very easy for me, for which I am extremely grateful. I am happy to recommend Cici for a promotion in Your company, and I am sure she can deliver the best of her abilities, as well as prove her devotion to the job constantly.I hope I can contribute to Your decision as to who to choose for the promotion. 

 William Bexfield:I obtained my position at Henan Institute of Engineering - starting February, 2012 to the present - through Ms. Lee. I was very happy with the service she provided. Ms. Lee was, at all times, extremely professional; and, answered all my questions in a timely manner. I can find absolutely no fault with her service. She is truly a credit to your agency.

  Philip Curran:Cici was my first contact for a job in China, I found her to be professional, helpful and friendly. She always made that extra effort to make sure that everything went smoothly between me and my future employer, JIANGNAN University in Wuxi. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any position in recruitment.

 Kay and Roy Hitchcock:Cici was the recruiter who found us a job in China.  It was not an easy task to get us into China to take up the position she found for us, and that we had accepted. We had difficulties with visa requirements, and Cici helped us all the way, with very friendly helpful advice and action on her part. We also really enjoyed the job she found for us, which was a good university to work at, with good conditions and no hassles. We spent 2 years at this university. I highly recommend Cici as an excellent recruiter and in fact, we have recommended her to friends of ours who have been looking for jobs. I have included a picture of us with our lovely students at a party we held for them just before we left.

 Paul Bates:I am Paul Bates an America Foreign Expert. I have been teaching in China since 2005.It is my pleasure to recommend Cici Lee for the lead manager of recruiting in your company. Of all the recruiters I have had, Ms. Lee was an excellent help. She is Very Helpful, Highly responsible and Diligent. She helped me to find a Good University to work in at Wuxi, China. She understood my needs and was most helpful in guiding me through the process and was a most diligent guide for me untilI had settled in at my University. I hope you find her as Valuable as I do. Feel free to contact me if the need arises.

 Robert & Mary Lee:We were thankful for your help in getting us our job at the National University of Defense Technology in 2009. We felt that you were prompt, honest, and reliable in answering all of our questions and helping us with all of our communications with the University. We Appreciated your service and would definitely ask for your help again ,If we need to find another job.

 Ian Armstrong:I first contacted Cici Lee in summer 2012 when I was looking for an English teaching position in Changsha. Cici recommended me for a job at the National University of Defense Technology, where I was accepted and had a very successful year. It was always a pleasure to deal with Cici: she was polite, friendly, and always very active in ensuring the job application went ahead smoothly. I was impressed by her professional attitude in coordinating communication between myself and the university. I was also pleasantly surprised that Cici kept in touch once I'd settled into my new job - she contacted me several times to make sure I was satisfied and to offer help if needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Cici's services, and she remains the first person I will contact for help when looking for ESL jobs in China.

Wolf Otto Voigt:Cici found me a job in the Anhui Foreign Languages University.She did her Job fast professional and answered all the questions I had.Now I have the job here already since two years and probably one year more.If I would have friends, which would have interests to work in china, I would recommend Cici to them.


Swan Min-Tung: Now French teacher in Anhui Foreign Language University of Hefei, I found this work opportunity via the website Then, Cici Lee has been my contact since I applied. She acted with professionalism and reliability. Cici Lee always provided me quickly replies with all the details required. Moreover she perfectly assumed the role of representation of CCESL supported by her advanced level of English. Again, I send all my gratitude for her availability and her thorough services. I hope the best for her professional future.

Mark King: I would like to say thank you for all you have done for me these past severalmonths. From helping me chose the right city, the right university and evenadvice about the locals and such. Without your help, i would have not been ableto chose the right fit for myself here in China. I cant wait for the newlocation after this term.The students here are the best part, they allunderstand what I’m teaching them, and even seem eager to learn new andinteresting things. Right from the start, the opened up their minds and theirhearts, making the transition much easier. 





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