1.Why do schools recruit foreign experts through our agency?

2. How to apply positions in China through CCESL Cafe?

3. What's the basic qualifications one should acquire to apply teaching positions in China?

4. Is it true that schools might reduce the salary for the foreign teachers hired through our agency because they will pay us commision?

5. What is the best time to travel to China?

6. What about school systems in China?

7. Laws and regulations governing foreigners in China?

8. Chinese laws on drugs, alcohol and prescription medicine?

9. What are all the different kinds of visas in China?

10. Are living accommodations convenient to the workplace?

11. Are special additional certifications required? Do I need to present them for a teaching position?

12. Is registration or certifications as a teacher necessay? Does it cost anything?

13. What non-teaching duties are expected?

14. What is the school, college and institution calendar?

15. Is home leave granted, paid or unpaid, and is it with or without travel expenses?

16. Will there be a job description?

17. Is the cost of international round-trip air fare included in the contract?

18. What guide sets salary standards for foreign teacher or expert?

19. When will salary be paid? In what currency? What is official exchange rate?

20. Do I have to pay Taxes?

21. Can I live on my salary? (Living in China page)

22. What about sick leave pay maternity leave and pay?

23. Can I bring my funiture?

24. Do I need a physical exam?

25. What about accident, health and hospital insurance?

26. Do employers supply living accommodations? What is supplied?

27. How do I get a visa, work permit and travel permission to work in China? (Consulate in your country)

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